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Crea Stone is founded in 2006 by Pierre Barthelemy.
Sun of a marble and passionate about natural stone, as can be a carpenter’s companion for wood, he surrounds himself with a beautiful team welded and passionate.

His project is entirely dedicated to the transformation of stones and their diffusion through many realizations and finishes.

He is an expert in natural stones, he knows all the secrets, all the specificities and features.
Its intention is to give different and varied forms and aspects to a granite, marble, limestone or marble, basalt, shale, etc., depending on what is expected and how it would be used.



Our objectives


As a processor and natural stone specialist, our approach is to select the best quarries from which to extract the blocks that will be used to produce the various expected products.

We work closely with carriers in the choice of machines, as well as in the development and implementation of the operating procedures of the various cuts and finishes in order to produce parts of the best possible quality.




Our services


This methodology and know-how allow us to make special and unique pieces.

We are able to answer all your requests, from the simplest to the most complex, for all quantities and all uses.

We support and advise specifiers and architects in a wide variety of projects, from different plans and specifications, just as we support an individual on any personal project.



Our philosophy


Each request is a project in its own right, with its specificities and constraints. Our know-how allows us to respond to them since our material is a natural, transformable product that can be replaced without limit. With every use its stone! Discover our different stones!



Would you like to know more?

Send us your questions via the contact form.


Structures, factory, and machines:









Our stocks are:

In Egypt: average stock 50 to 70 blocks
In France: Marseille: 600 crates in a covered building



Our offices in France:

Mâcon: response to your price requests, receipt and tracking of orders
Marseille: management and monitoring of containers



Design Office: 

Study of your projects, formatting/standardization, production plans.



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Créa Stone