Cèdre Gold Masque bandeau

Cèdre Gold

Cèdre Gold


Identity: Marble stone

Shades of colors: Orange, ochre

Caracteristics: Very hard stone

Assets: it assimilates to the Pierre of Mont d’Or

Origins: Egyptian

Available finishes:  honed, polished, drumming, brushed, sanded, brushed, mouthwatered, brushed, charred, brushed, chiselled, chiselled, drummed

Available format: All formats

Use: Indoor – Outdoor – Non immersive stone







Very similar to the «Golden Stone» of the Monts of Beaujolais, this stone shines with the authenticity it exudes. The colour combinations are very harmonious with orange, green or blue. Soft skin! There are two quarries, each with a colour characteristic.







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