Moroccan Natural Stone Masque bandeau

Moroccan Natural Stone

Identity : Limestone tender

Shades : Beige, grey

Characteristics :  Lightly pommelized limestone

Assets :  Typical Maghreb Stone

Origin : Moroccan natural stone

Finishes :  soft, polished, tambourished, brushed, sanded, sanded brushed,
Flame, Brushed Flame, Steel, Brushed Acid, Brushed Steel, Brushed Steel, Rugged, Brushed…

Available format : All formats

Use : Interior – Exterior – Non-Immersive Stone

(Cladding, tiling, natural slabs, curb, construction, paving, landscaped aera…)

Stone beige-yellow  approaching, by its color, the stones of Burgundy. It is quite tender and porous. This limestone can change color under the respective effects of the sun and moon.


Créa Stone