Natural facade and siding stone

The facade is the first element on which the eye falls, for a house full of charm, with infinite creative possibilities, opt for a wall covering in natural stones. Weather resistant, easy to maintain, this material, with unlimited life, has become the reference in construction and renovation.
Depending on the desired style, you can choose between different stones (limestone, marble stone, granite, sandstone, slate, etc.) to which are added a multitude of finishes.
For laying, there are different techniques, do not hesitate to consult our section «how to lay a stone in front»


Natural split face stone
Appreciated for their elegance and their natural side, the stone cladding and bars are suitable both inside and outside.However, depending on the type of stone and the finish chosen, some will be more suitable for the exterior facade.
Marketed individually or in panels of 60 x 15 cm, we can create facing in very varied shades, do not hesitate to consult us.




Créa Stone