EILAT – Jerusalem stone Masque bandeau

EILAT – Jerusalem stone

Eilat – Jerusalem stone


Identity: Limestone

Shades of colors: Light yellow to sustained yellow  – gold

Caracteristics: Its fossil inlay

Assets: Its history, its image

Origins: Israelian

Available finishes:  Contact us

Available format: Contact us

Use: Indoor –  Non immersive stone

The Stone of Jerusalem, the pride of the Holy City of Isarël, also known as Meleke in Arabic, this limestone is renowned all over the world.

The only quarry around the City reserves its blocks for buildings built on the soil of Jerusalem; small quarries based in Israel also sell their limestones under this name.

Luminous as gold at sunset, beautiful and durable, the Jerusalem Stone has become a most prized material bringing a unique style to the floors and walls.


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