Cèdre Gray Masque bandeau

Cèdre Gray



Identity: Marble

Shades of colors: Beige, crema

Caracteristics: its shells, homogeneity 

Assets: hard stone, no gelive stone

Origins: Egyptian

Available finishes:  honed, polished, tambourished, brushed, sanded, sanded brushed,
Flamed, brushed, steel, brushed, brushed, brushed, chiselled, tambourished, old castle, stuffed…

Available format: All formats

Use: Indoor – Outdoor – Non immersive stone

Timeless, it blends into all interior and exterior styles. Marketed in all finishes, it can be delivered in very large sizes. Very low porosity, it is very easy to maintain. A lot of character! And in its old version, it reminds us of an old French castle spirit. So hard and yet so soft…

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